Contribution format

Three contribution formats are possible: individual contributions, short symposia (3 papers, one working session) or long symposia (6 papers, two sessions).

Proposals for individual papers should be submitted in the submission area of this website. They should include the surnames, first names and institutional affiliations of the authors, a provisional title, an abstract of no more than 2000 characters and the link(s) to the meeting's thematic axes.

Proposals for symposia should include a general text (2000 characters maximum), presenting the purpose of the symposium, the theoretical and practical issues to be addressed, and the link(s) with the meeting's thematic axes. The symposium coordinators are free to propose the working methods they wish (with or without a discussant, for example). The list of papers (authors, institution) and an abstract of 2,000 characters per paper will then be submitted.

These proposals must be submitted by March 31, 2024 at the latest.

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